Dear Mom & Dad... You Deserve Beautiful Senior Pictures. The Senior Year is Flying by & You'll be Packing for College Very Very Soon! Right Now is the BEST Time to Schedule Your Senior Pictures. Do It Before the End Of Year Rush.

"George, I love your style. You display true mastery of lighting. You are an artist."
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When To Do Senior Pictures

This is a frequently ask question.

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Dallas Senior Pictures

The best idea for senior portraits is to do them EARLY in their senior year! The earlier the better!

I do senior pictures as early as the END of their junior year. A third of my clients contact me to do them in the Summer of their senior year, another third of the high school seniors do their senior portraits in the Fall, and the final third do their senior photos in the Spring.

The high school seniors who come in the SPRING of their senior year are kinda freaking out b/c TIME IS RUNNING OUT. They feel stressed. Don’t let that happen to you.

If you want your senior photos to be in the yearbook for your high school, this typically requires a summer or early fall session.

So.. my BEST recommendation on WHEN TO DO SENIOR PICTURES is the EARLY SUMMER or FALL. The weather is SUPER NICE. It is easy to do a nice mixture of in-studio senior portraits and outside senior pics.

The spring tends to bring LOTS OF WIND and many sessions are forced to be rescheduled. Just keep this in mind when it comes to spring senior pictures.

Be sure to view my senior gallery on this webpage or instagram for tons of senior photo ideas. I hope you discover that I am the photographer that can not only deliver an amazing experience (read reviews), you will also find I offer exceptional products my clients love. Many clients say the experience alone was worth every dime they invested in their unique senior portraits.

11 More Senior Picture Ideas & Tips:

1. If you get a haircut, give yourself a week or two before doing senior photos!

2. Eat BEFORE coming to your session.

3. If your face does a bad break out, we can reschedule your session! I also am an expert at using SOFT portrait lighting and magical photoshop skills.

4. Girls… we can start your session with one hairstyle and change it after a couple of clothing changes.

5. Boys… we can start your session with facial scruff and then shave it after a couple clothing changes.

6. Shave your armpits.

7. Be careful with sparkly makeup.

8. Avoid tan lines at all costs.. especially if you like strapless dresses.

9. Take the hair tie off your wrist. I will watch for this for you.

10. Donโ€™t completely change your hair style or cake on the makeup… I recommend doing you OWN MAKE UP! Too many people hire a hair and make up artist and barely recognize themselves. BE YOU!

11. Bring all your sports equipment on the day of your senior pictures experience. We will create some great sports senior photos for you. The quality of the lighting, the variety of the poses, and the fashion forward style of a George Dean portrait will knock your socks off. Your athletic gear will serves as great props, giving us many options. I am not a “props” type of photographer except when it comes to your gear! The more gear you bring, the better your sports images will be. Don’t bring ONE golf ball, bring 100. Don’t just bring your volleyball, bring the net too! I know what works.

We will capture many great shots during your photo shoot.

Please watch the “What Do I Need From You to Make Sure This a Great Session?!?!” video and schedule your appointment today. “There are a lot of photographers who offer to do senior pictures but if you want a true artist to create your senior portraits, look no further than George Dean Photography” – Tammy Beckworth

Why Are Senior Pictures Important?

Your high school career is filled with ups and downs the whole year. From freshmen year to senior year, high school has been a non-stop roller coaster!

However, your senior year was different!

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Dallas Senior Pictures: DFW Senior Photographer. Dallas Senior Dallas TX. Dallas Senior Portrait Photographer George Dean Photography Serving Dallas, Flower Mound, Argyle, Southlake, Denton, Highland Village, Keller, and Coppell TX. Senior Pictures DFW. Senior Pictures Ideas. Dallas Senior Portraits.

Youโ€™re fighting “Senioritus”. We’ve all had it. It will pass too.

Then… everything starts to become REAL. You start to realize many things are becoming your “lasts”… your last test, your last school dance, your last game, your last practice, your last walk down the hallway. It is emotional.

You realize that the people you are so close to now, will all go their own direction! Senior year is a crazy, emotional chapter all on its own.

Seniors are telling the juniors all about the horrific college application process, but that it has its own reward in the end. Everyone is getting college letters and trying to coordinate a graduation party time with their friends. Itโ€™s the time where you see how much youโ€™ve done in four years. Itโ€™s the time to celebrate you and everything you have accomplished. Itโ€™s the time where you know that this is the start of the rest of your life.

Everything is changing in the best way possible.

Having your senior pictures taken ARE important… because… you will look back and think, โ€œWow, Iโ€™ve come so far!โ€. One day, long into the future, with the look of one image from your senior pictures, you will be instantly transported back into time. Back to the same high school, with the same sounds, smells, and familiar feelings.

Your family will get a copy of a senior photo and realize how quickly live moves – it is like a freight train!.

And… Your senior photos will remind you of the fun and crazy times of years past. Your senior pictures will capture your story & personality.

Your senior pictures is an American tradition… and they last forever!

Celebrate YOU through your senior pictures!

Celebrate the memories with a George Dean Portrait.

The highlight of your senior year will be your amazing senior photos! You deserve something special because you are special!

George Dean has been in the business of creating heirloom senior portraits since 2006. George is internationally recognized and honored amongst his colleagues as an award winning senior photographer. Don’t miss out on the opportunity – your son or daughter is only a senior once! These portraits are not the “yearbook” pictures, these art pieces deserve to be displayed in your home.

Be sure to schedule your shoot today. Schedule your session way before graduation so you can use these senior portraits to create a gorgeous graduation card from TinyPrints. Many seniors display their senior photos at their graduation party too. You will never regret having your senior photo’s created by a professional photographer.

George photographs senior from all over the USA. Whether you are from Dallas, Flower Mound, Southlake, Argyle, Denton, Fort Worth, Lewisville, or Keller, or even Chicago…. I can’t wait to create some amazing senior portraits for you! My studio location is conveniently located on I-35.


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