Senior Spokesmodel Program

50% OFF Session Fee + Be A Model for Billboards, Magazines, & Workshops + Earn Generous Print Credits and Cash!

What You Get:

1. 50% off a “Senior” Session. In-studio & Outside. This saves you $100 right away.

2. Earn generous print credit and cash. You can earn HUNDREDS to dollars – that’s not shabby folks! See below for details.

3. Your images could be featured on my upcoming senior billboard and/or Senior Pictures Magazine. You could possibly be a model at an upcoming photography workshop. You could be featured in my “Behind the Scenes” footage.

Earn Bonuses & Cash:

1. Earn a $500 “print credit” you can use at your sales session IF you can get me a SCHOOL directory. I will use this list to mail my “Senior Magazine” so they can discover the quality of my work. $50 Bonus if it is in an excel spreadsheet!

2. Earn a $200 “print credit” IF you can get me a MAILING LIST OR A PHONE NUMBER LIST to all members of ANY SCHOOL CLUB you are a member of. Let’s say you are a cheerleader, get me a mailing list (name and mailing address) or phone list (name and phone number) of each team member. I will mail them my “Senior Magazine” and my marketing manager will call each senior ONCE and offer them a FREE photoshoot. This is a zero pressure offer. This will let more people discover my work. $50 Bonus if it is in an excel spreadsheet!

3. Earn a $150 “print credit” you can use at your sales session IF you bring me a MAILING LIST (name & address & school) of 25 NEXT YEAR seniors who WILL do a “senior pictures” with someone BUT don’t know WHO yet. I will mail them a Senior Magazine so they can consider me as their “senior pictures” photographer. EXTRA BONUS: Earn $300 for 50 NEXT YEAR seniors (name & address & school). $50 Bonus if it is in an excel spreadsheet!

4. Earn $150 CASH for each senior you REFER. They must say YOU referred them WHEN they book. Refer as many seniors as you want. This is an unlimited bonus. At the end of the school year, I will write you a check for earned commissions. Use this money to help fund your college move!

4 Simple Requirements:


After you join today, you will be invited to click a “Share on Facebook” button. Simply share… “I just signed up for a senior session with George Dean Photography!”. This helps your friends discover my work. This is easy! If you don’t have facebook, you promise to share this with your friends in other ways.


During the session, mom or dad or a close-friend will use either the seniors phone, my phone, or their own phone to photograph and video record “behind the scenes” footage of the session. Then publish that content across the web.. facebook, snapchat, instagram. Once again, this helps your friends discover my work. This part is fun!


Although I never “require” people to do this NOR is this a requirement…. but if we have a killer amazing session, would you write me a review (like the ones on my review page). A quality review is 3-5 paragraphs long describing your experience. I will use these reviews in my marketing. You promise to also post this review on Google & Facebook. This helps others my marketing.


You must earn ONE BONUS BEFORE your senior session! There are 4 different ways to earn a bonus.

In a nutshell… as a SpokesModel, you will be featured in my online and print advertising to promote George Dean Photography. You also have the ability to earn generous print credits you can use towards your order AND you can earn extra CASH too!