Senior Picture Ideas for Girls

Clothing Guide for Senior Pictures for Girls in Dallas, Texas
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Bring Your Jewelry

Girls, bring that bling to your senior pictures session with me. We don’t use them on every shot BUT we can’t use them if they aren’t at the studio. Bring your jewelry.. even your Grandma’s jewelry and lets do something special at your session to create unique senior portraits for you!

Bring Your Uniform

Girls, bring your uniforms, whether it is cheerleading or dance team or anything! Bring your uniform to your senior pictures session. That is always a great idea. It not something you should necessarily hang on the wall but it would look great in a senior pictures album.

Bring Your Sporting Stuff

If you are on a sporting team, bring all that stuff to your senior pictures. This is a great idea for senior portraits.

Bring Your Hoodie

This just looks awesome! Bring that hoodie to your senior portrait session.

Bring Your Eyes

I know that might sound ridiculous but clients LOVE how I capture eyes in senior pictures. This is a great time to really take care of the makeup and eye lashes so we can create some amazing senior pictures with your eyes as the main star!

Bring Your Glasses

Bring your glasses. We can photograph with them ON and with them OFF. I am an expert at making sure there is no glare in your glasses. Glasses can add a style of class and uniqueness to your senior pictures – and that is always a good idea!

Bring Your Sunglasses

Bring your sunglasses. It just doesn’t get much cooler than this edgy senior picture. Bring em!

Bring Your Shoes

Bring your shoes – even all your old ballet shoes! We don’t always use them all but we can’t use them if you don’t bring them! So.. a great idea is to bring all your shoes to your senior pictures!

Bring Colors That Match Your Eyes

Bring LOTS OF COLORS. Or take my best idea.. bring all your clothes! Let me help pick out what looks amazing. Every senior picture you see on my website, I picked out their clothing and put together unique combinations of clothing the senior never even put together. So, bring colors that match your ideas – that is a must have idea!

Bring Your Cowgirl Stuff

If you can rock the cowgirl look, bring it to your senior pictures!

Bring Your Boho Style!

Are you into “Boho”? Bring it! Looking some senior picture ideas for Boho? Look at my Pinterest Board

Bring Your Guitar

This image reminds of a Taylor Swift video. Bring your guitar!

Bring Your Graduation Digs

Don’t be shy to bring your graduation stuff and lets create a beautiful graduation portraits. This is an idea you will never regret.

Bring Your Hat

Look how amazing that pink hat rocks this image.

Bring Your Interesting

Bring your interesting unusual cool stuff like the Boho outfit. Be uniquely you!

Bring Your Leather Jacket!

Please, I beg of you, bring a leather jacket! What is cooler!

Bring Your Blue Jean Jacket!

Blue jean jackets ALWAYS photographs well. Do beg, borrow, or steal on! You will not regret it. A blue jean jacket is a great senior pictures idea!

Bring Your Strength!

I believe in strong young ladies grow up to be strong women. I want to showcase your strength so bring it girl!

Bring Your Smile!

We will be smiling girls! Although I am famous for my magazine cover styled senior portraits, we DO smile at my studio. It is senior pictures after all. Bring that smile to your senior session.

Bring Your Old Cowboy Hat!

Bring that old beat-up cowboy hat and let’s rock it girl! You deserve amazing senior pictures!

Bring Your Scarfs

Bring your scarfs is another senior pictures idea. We don’t always use them, but bring them! I use scarfs in lots of unique ways during a senior portrait session.

Bring Glitter!

If you want a fun graduation portrait, bring glitter. It is not something I will do inside my studio but we can certainly do it outside when we do outside senior pictures. Have fun!

Bring Your Dog

Bring your puppy to your senior portrait session. Your dog is welcome in my studio! You will always treasure that senior picture with your dog. Bringing your dog is a great idea for your senior pictures.

Bring Furry Coats!

I am famous for furry hooded coats. Bring yours. Steal one from a friend. And, don’t worry if it is 100 degree outside because it will be 70 inside my studio! Bring a furry coat to your senior pictures. It is always a great idea!

Bring Your Hats!

Bring all your hats to your senior portrait session with me! I don’t always use them but when we do, the senior portrait will rock. I LOVE the timeless look of this image. This young lady actually flew down from Chicago to Dallas for me to her senior portraits. Bringing your hat is a great idea for senior pictures.

Bring Your Black Dress

Girls, bringing your black dress is totally a must have at your senior session. This is another idea that always works. Black just rocks! Bring that black dress to your senior pictures.

Bring Your Head Piece

For the right girl, and you know who you are, this look just works! Don’t be shy. Bring something cool like a flower head band. It can make your senior pictures unique! Be You!

Bring Some Wacky

These shoes are out there and wacky but with the right poses and lighting and background and attitude, wacky can work! LOVE those boots for senior pictures!

Bring Your Knitted Hat

Look at that senior picture – need I say more. Bring it!

Bring Your Fidora Hat

Bring your fidora… maybe we can create something cool like this senior picture. Bringing a fidora is always a great idea for senior pictures.

Bring Your Weapons

I just love the fact this senior brought her bow & arrow to her senior pictures. This was the LAST senior picture of the day and it rocks!

Bring Your Prom Dress

Let’s rock that Prom dress for your senior pictures. You will never regret having a classy portrait in your high school prom dress! Let’s class this joint up!

Bring Your Dance On!

I love dancers. If you are dancer, please bring ALL your dance stuff and lets create some amazing senior pictures together. Believe it or not, I grew up a dancer before I coached girls gymnastics for 20 years.

Bring Your Knitted Hat

Look at that senior picture – need I say more. Bring it!

Bring Your Fun!

I can promise you this, senior pictures with me IS fun and we will do fun stuff to bring out your happiness and showcase it in your senior pictures!

Bring Your Lips!

Please bring your lip stuff. Shiny lips helps create amazing senior portraits. Be prepared to be gorgeous!

Bring Your Celebrations!

Bring your accomplishments and celebrations to your senior pictures. It is a great idea to showcase your achievements in your senior portraits!