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Guy Posing Idea for Senior Pictures

Incorporate an American Flag into your senior pictures. It adds a level of patriotism AND if the flag color harmonizes with your sport, your senior pictures will rock!

If you play hockey, PLEASE bring all your gear for your senior pictures guys!

Senior photography for guys should be cool with an edge – even patriotic at times!

Be sure to follow all these tips on this page.

Prop Idea for Senior Pictures for Guys

Bring more than ONE piece of equipment from all your sports for your senior pictures. I believe this lacrosse senior played somewhere down in Dallas and came to me for his senior pictures. Bring more equipment. Guys never know what I can create for their sports senior pictures.

if you play Golf, bring 100 golf balls. If you play basketball, bring multiple basketballs. You never know what coolness we can create for your senior pictures guys. Bring all the sports!

Posing & Prop Ideas for Senior Pictures for Guys

This is an International Award Winning Image I created recently for a high school senior guy. His mom told me that he was a singer SO I recommended she find an ole school “Elvis Presley” 1950’s type of microphone. That microphone just has style. Add a suit and we are golden!

I wanted to show the emotion and nerves a young man might feel before the curtain rises up.

They absolutely loved this senior picture featuring a cool microphone and the emotion of a moment.

So, don’t be shy to give me a call and discuss the senior pictures for your boy. I just might have a killer idea that will create an award winning image with your son.

Bring Your Fishing Pole to Senior Pictures

This athletic high school senior is also an avid fisherman. Once again, I use the amazing Dallas Texas Sky as the perfect backdrop for this senior picture. It showcases who he is!

So… be sure to bring “WHO you are” with you to a senior session at my portrait studio. I will do my best to pay honor to WHO you are.. not only what you look like!

Bring Your Attitude to Your Senior Session

My favorite thing to do with senior guys to make them look James Dean cool! I love edgy lighting and cool posing… I am famous for that.

To me, dark shadows help tell a story. I am not sure how much cooler it gets than this images.

Be sure to bring me t-shirts and jeans! Let’s rock your senior session!

Bring Your Brother

Feel free to bring your brother (or sister)! Look at this image. MANY people this is the SAME person BUT… it is two brothers. A band of brothers showing their bond. This is a great senior photo to have!

Bring Your Swag

Bring your swagger to your senior session. We are SOOO gonna rock your session.

Look at the lighting and swag of this image.

Bring Your Fighter Instinct

I LOVE fact this senior guy brought his boxing gloves to his senior pictures session.

I wanted to create an edgy fighter feel to this image. I believe we rocked it!

We will create amazing senior pictures for your young man too!

Believe it not, guys LOVE their senior pictures from me… for ONCE they LOOK and FEEL cool in pictures! I want to capture that intensity.

Bring Your Sunglasses to Your Senior Portrait Session

How much cooler does a dark moody image look with sunglasses on!

Bring those shares to your senior pictures session guys!

Teardrops, aviators, …. just bring them to your senior pictures session at my portrait studio.

Bring Your Class Ring & Championship Rings to Your Senior Portrait Session

You earned that bling – bring it!

Bring Your Instrument to Your Senior Pictures Session

I can make almost any instrument look so cool! This mom said, “You made him feel confident. You talked with him man to man and artist to artist. You saw in him all of the qualities that make us so proud of him. And your creativity is amazing! I’m blown away how you can make a kid with a French horn look so debonair and sophisticated.” Your senior year isn’t complete with a an amazing senior experience like this one!

Bring Your Headphones

Headphones make a great prop for senior pictures and is a wonderful idea to pose to guy. Bring those headphones and lets rock it!

Bring Your Leather Jacket

Here is another International Award Winning Senior Portrait of a guy.

PLEASE bring those leather jackets – even if you have to take Dad’s or borrow one from a friend!

Even this tin metal background I have INSIDE my studio looks amazing with it!

What is cooler than a young man wearing a leather jacket with attitude, a killer pose, and amazing lighting.

What guy wouldn’t feel COOL with an senior picture like this??

Bring Your Smile

Although I am famous for creating magazine cover images, mom also wants a few smiles! So… bring that smile too! πŸ™‚

I never start my session with “smiles”. I start with James Dean cool images to earn their trust. Guys just don’t want to feel awkward or do a dorky “peek around a tree” senior picture! After they trust me, we can get some genuine smiles going on for mom! This is always a winning shot.

This is one of the few senior pictures that their head is pointed right at the camera.

Leave a Little Scruff On Your Face

A great idea for senior pictures is to leave a little scruff on your face. We can shave it off during the session if needed. Just remember to bring your shaving stuff!

So.. a great idea for senior pictures is to leave a little scruff. I think it looks great!

There IS beauty in the scruff…. rugged-ism. Becoming a man.

Guys, Bring Your Hat for Senior Pictures

You’ve got to be kidding me. Look at that fedora with a killer pose and amazing lighting. This takes senior pictures to guys to the next level. Bring your hats to a senior session with AND bring your suit! Senior pictures for guys with style and class!

So, bring your baseball caps, cowboys hats, … to your senior pictures session!

The right hat can be all business or fun! Bring ’em!

Posing Ideas for Guy

Bring that hoodie! As a senior portrait photographer, I totally rock hoodies like you’ve never seen. Cool and edgy lighting with posing that is simply kick butt. So… bring that hoodie when we do your senior pictures guys!

A hoody allows me to create some beautiful senior photos.

Bring Your Weapon As A Prop for Senior Pictures

I have photographed MANY shotguns and assault rifles and bows and pistols in my lifetime as a high school senior portrait photographer. Your weapon is welcome at my portrait studio.

I used the beautiful sky right outside my studio to be the perfect background for this senior picture.

This outstanding young man was on his high school’s shooting team!

So, bring your UNLOADED weapon and lets rock it!

Guys deserve amazing senior pictures too!

Another Great Prop for Guy Senior Pictures

Your accomplishments deserve to be part of your senior pictures. Senior pictures is NOT only about what you look like BUT WHO you ARE and WHO you will BECOME.

Celebrate your accomplishments in your senior pictures. This Eagle Scout senior picture rocks my world with his uniform and the flag. Those two go hand in hand and look amazing. I would love to create a number of these shots for you.

So, please… show off WHO you are and let create some killer senior pictures for your boy.

Bring Your Football Uniform for Senior Pictures

Yes, I know. You have already had pictures with your uniform but you have NOT had a George Dean Portrait! Let me do something cool.

This image was a large wall piece in their game room. It is flat out killer with amazing lighting and attitude.

SO…. bring your uniform to any sport you play!

Bring Your Truck, Car, Or Jeep

Many guys bring their car or truck or motorcycle to do senior pictures with it. It just doesn’t get any cooler than a senior guy doing senior pictures with his car or truck! Please bring it!

Let’s incorporate this into our senior photography. Boys and their toys! Bring your boy & his toys!

Look through the sample senior pictures of guys on my website and you will see more images like this one.

Bring Your Saddle For Senior Pictures

This amazing portrait is hanging in my waiting room. I photographed both sons in this family. Both were unique in their own right.

Don’t be shy to bring your saddle and big truck! I’ve even done portraits on horse farms! So, if you have some acreage or board you horse someplace, let’s do the outdoor portion of your senior portraits there!

Bring Your Intensity

Senior pictures with intensity is a hallmark of my senior portrait work. It can be fierce and raw. Bring your intensity. Let’s show it off! Let’s show YOU off! You deserve a senior photo like this! Shots like this makes mom’s melt.

Bring Your Guitar

Throughout the years, I have photographed many high school seniors with their guitar! I also love the senior posing idea of a silhouette.

I am not afraid to shoot low with a big silhouette showcasing the seniors strength!

This is always a winning shot! We will make all his friends jealous. πŸ™‚

Bring Your Tuxedo for Senior Pictures

I always beg clients to bring a suit or tuxedo to your senior session. Nothing is sharper than a well dressed young man full of ambition!

Go rent a Tux from Mens Warehouse or Al’s Formal Wear

You will not regret the classic look!

Bring Your Blue Jean Jacket for Senior Pictures

A blue jean jacket is a staple! Please bring it. It ALWAYS looks killer!! Even in the death heat of a Dallas Texas summer, bring it – I keep my studio at 70 degrees in the summer! πŸ™‚

Go All Out For Your Senior Pictures Guys!

Guys deserve amazing seniors too! they deserve an incredible experience too. Let’s go all out and slay this dragon. Hook me and bring me everything possible. Then, let the magic happen and create something amazing!

Do your senior session BEFORE graduation. The fall and spring are great times! After graduation, you aren’t gonna get him in my portrait studio. Do it sooner than later. The NEXT time your son will be professionally photographed will be on his wedding day most likely! Senior pictures IS important – you will never regret it. You only regret the pictures you don’t take.

Go rent a Tux from Mens Warehouse. You will not regret the classic look!

Senior portrait photography for young men done right! I am quick at what I do. Senior guys will not waste a lot of time during our shoot. They appreciate how quick and efficient a session with me is!

We will rock a variety of poses in the best outfits. Many photographers are afraid to photography senior guys… I love doing it! It is what I do best.

FYI…. for most guys, we are done in 60-90 minutes max. Pretty quick. They change quicker! πŸ™‚

Be sure to follow all these clothing and posing tips on this page. I am trying to make this as EASY as 1-2-3. πŸ™‚ Make sure you watch the clothing video.

Make sure you check out my gallery for senior pictures for guys.