Why Studio Lighting?

Just to answer a popular question… “How big is my shooting space George?” Well, it is about 10 feet wide and 22 feet long. It IS small but look what I can do with it!

Dramatic studio lighting is a brand building look for my studio. It separates me from the pack. PLUS, it attracts the type of clients I seek – “art based clients” who appreciate lighting, strong composition, color harmony, story telling, …. who understand high quality photography is an investment.

Studio lighting gives my clients a look, a feel, an emotion MOST other photographers simply can not give their clients. I’m the only drug dealer in town with this “look” and if you want this look, you come to me.

As a photographer and oil painter, I LOVE lighting. Lighting is emotion. Lighting tell the story. Lighting is to be appreciated. It deserves to mastered – as quest I will never stop seeking. One must keep learning and pushing.

I’ve discovered, most photographers are SCARED to DEATH of shadows. Your lights do NOT exist to get rid of shadows, they exist to CREATE shadows. As the artist, you get to decide how dark, how sharp, how much detail you need to reveal the shapes we love in all our children, OR to reveal the mood, OR to tell the story. Let me teach you how I do it.

What IS this workshop and what it ISN’T.

Sometimes to define what something IS, you have to know what it is NOT.

So, this workshop is NOT an “image building” workshop where I get the model, pick the clothing, set the pose, and create the dramatic lighting and you take the shot to put on your website. No Sir Re Bob.

This is a HANDS ON LEARNING workshop. I will show you exactly how I created a shot. Then you’ll leave the room so I can mess up the lights, modifiers, blah blah blah. Then you will return to the room and “re-create” the shot. We will do it over and over til you GET IT.

The Details


Studio Lighting Workshop:

Sat Jan 13th: 9AM – 5PM

Sun Jan 14th: 9AM – 5PM

Investment: $900

Register Now:

CLASS SIZE: 6 People Max equals more practice time for you!

AIRPORT: Fly in the DFW (my choice) or LUV. You WILL need to rent a car however.

HOTELS: I recommend the FairField Inn. There are cheaper alternatives near the studio. My studio address is 4210 North Interstate 35, Denton, TX 76207

MY CELL: 940-300-5347